Our Story

"Am-Dang" was used as a title, equivalent to Mrs. or Miss, to call Thai women in the past. We wish the new generation of people to recognize this word and give back its value to be something more than just a lost memory, as much as we wish to maintain the appreciation of Thai authentic cuisine. We maintain the original recipes that are made by our great-grandmothers to keep the precious past alive and let everyone experience the dishes made by an Am-Dang.

"Typhoon" is a traditional recipe of stir-fried crab from the Typhoon Shelter in Hong Kong. When the village is hit with a Typhoon, the fisherman cooked their meals from simple and local ingredients in their shelter, resulting in the unique creation of "Typhoon Shelter Crab” recipe that one can only find in Hong Kong

Am-Dang-Typhoon welcomes you to enjoy both original Thai and Hong Kong Cantonese dishes.


Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Spicy Crab


Truly a legend of Hong Kong’s authentic cuisine, the fishermen of Aberdeen had created this menu that we are now proud to serve our customers.

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Our special recipes of
giant mud crab and big river prawn

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Original recipes that are now a day hard to find

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Unique dessert dishes of
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